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Hi, I’m Marcela.

I’m a woman, a mom to cat and humans, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a reader, a writer, a traveler, a home-body, a gardener, a lawyer, a photographer, an introvert, an explorer, a nerd, and a mystic. I believe life is complex and nuanced, and that living it fully requires commitment, compassion and depth.  I wear, thus, many hats and hold many “MEs” within myself. 

I was born in Argentina, met my husband in Ivory Coast, had my children in Cyprus and now live in Vienna, Austria- a city I adore. Each new city asked of me something new and the roles I played changed with every destination. This website and its blog have reflected the changes of the past 13 years- and narrated parts of the previous ones as well. 

I never deleted any blog post, no matter how “outdated”, because every one of them is part of my journey. The bad photos, the lifestyle posts, the old family recipes are as much a part of me as the features in important publications, the cookbook photos, the branding videos and the marketing advice I shared for 10 years- and you can find them all here. 

Vienna asks of me to walk a different path now. Perhaps every move requires of us a small death: that we leave behind some parts of who we were so we can fully transform into who the new Land requires us to become. For three years, I’ve waited for this land to speak to me, while shedding layers of who I was before. As of August 2022, I’m still uncertain of where the new path will lead me but I now know that it’s time to start walking nonetheless. Wherever the road takes me, you’re welcome to come along with me. 


13 years of blog posts, still here for you.  




Photographing Introverts: Ideas and Adaptations to help you feel more comfortable during your branding photoshoot

I am an introvert.I'm not shy but crowded spaces, noise and overstimulating environments drain my energy. I need a lot of time of silence and loneliness in order to recharge. I prefer low light, calm and soothing environments, and rather minimal, yet cozy...

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Why I’m creating my own stock photo collection

Shortly after I started working as a professional photographer, clients and people who followed my work started asking  me why I didn't sell stock images. At the time the boom of Premium Stock photos and Stock membership sites had just begun and, from the outside, it...

How to decide which style is right for your photos

  You want to have a consistent brand so you can be recognized the minute your photos pop in someone’s news feed. But you just can’t decide what style is right for your brand. How do you choose when there are so many possibilities? In today's video I’ll show you...

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Have you ever scrolled down social media and seen one of those funny photos with moving parts or text and wondered how they're created? Have you ever wished you could create images like the the one below,  with animated parts that catch your attention the minute they...

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The Oscars 2017 Best Movie blunder left important lessons that are applicable to entrepreneurs. This is what I learnt from it.

5 spiritual practices to guarantee the best energy during a Photoshoot

"You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery and risk and leave room enough for someone else to get in there" Joel Meyerowitz I believe the difference between photos you love with all your heart, and photos you can't stand to look at twice is energy. Your...

How I create [Calling the Muse]

Have you ever wondered how people do what they do? How bakers create their cakes, how designers come up with gorgeous logos, how photographers photograph? And no, I don't mean backstage footage or photos (which is also fascinating). I mean what comes before: the...

How to re-think and overcome your marketing fears

Do you avoid promoting your products and services because you don’t want people to think you’re spamming them? Read to learn how to soulfully and authentically promote your work.

Spirituality & mindfulness in business and why they’re important

How I discovered spirituality and mindfulness, and the spiritual practices that support my business and my well being.

Thrive: my word for 2014

Choosing a word for the year is a powerful thing, a life altering experience that I can only recommend. At the beginning of 2013, I wrote a blog post about how my word for 2012 (Integrate) helped me cope with the series of curve balls that the year threw at us, how it...

Belgrade with kids- Our family trip + tips

In the almost nine years that my husband and I have been together, we have visited Belgrade together many times.  But visiting Belgrade with kids is always a different experience, and one that keeps changing as our children grow. We arrived to Belgrade on the 30th of...

One day in Athens with kids: Our trip, part I

Good morning dear friends! I am beginning today the series of posts about our last family trip to Athens and Belgrade, and, since the Summer holidays are almost upon us, I will take this opportunity to share with you all my tips and tricks for travelling with children...

Day 19: Things to do in Nicosia these days and a few local artisans I love {discover!}

  Good morning friends! I am publishing this post veeeeeeery late because I had problems all day with my internet connection, and I had my son at home, recovering from fever. But here I am! Today's post, corresponding to day 19 of the advent, is a small guide to...

A Farewell to Summer

Autumn is here. September is almost over and, while Summer is still lingering in Nicosia, some trees have started to lose their leaves, and, early in the mornings and when the sun sets at night,  the air is fresh and a lovely, cool breeze signals the beginning of the...

Something sweet for the weekend: Alfajores (semi) cordobeses

 Good evening dear friends! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Days have been incredibly HOT in Nicosia this past week,  with temperatures ranging from 40 to 45.5 degrees celsius. Summer is definitely here and this means doing our best to minimize as much as...

Souvlaki,pitta bread and tzaziki: a very belated Cypriot lunch for Circulo Whole Kitchen

Good afternoon dear friends! I hope you are having a lovely week! I hadn't planned to take time off blogging but life took over my plans, and I had to attend to more urgent matters, which is why these recipes are being published late.I had originally planned to bring...

An introduction to Argentina’s sweets, part III: churros, milhojas, pastelitos.

Good morning friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week! This is the last post on Argentinian sweets...well, not the very last one I will write, because I plan to bring you some recipes, but the last one of this introductory series. Starting from the next post, I...

An introduction to Argentina’s sweets, part II: Pinitos, nueces confitadas, bocaditos maroc, bocaditos cabsha, chocolate en rama

Good evening dear friends! I hope you had a lovely week. This week, we continue with our introduction to typical Argentinian sweets, the ones we, Argentinians, love and miss when we are abroad. Today, I bring you some of my favourite bite-sized sweets. All of them,...

An introduction to Argentina’s sweets, Part I: Alfajores

Good morning  friends! Let's finish the week on a sweet note, shall we? Last year, during our stay in Córdoba, I started preparing a few posts about Argentina's sweet food culture. I could not finish writing these posts at the time, but I did take the pictures with...


Over the 10 years I worked as a professional branding photographer, I created a series of resources that can be useful for clarifying your ideas regarding what you and your business need (or want), what works for your business (and what doesn’t), and how to work with a brand photographer to get photos that make sense for you and your brand. These resources are not about trends, they are about your essence: finding it, understanding it, and sticking to it consistently so you can be like a lighthouse that shines only for the right people. You can get them all by subscribing to my newsletter below. I only write when I have something important to say so that you won’t be overwhelmed with emails—word of honor. 

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mayi 2

Mayi Carles

Marcela is the perfect combination of Fairy Godmother + BFF you wanna tea party with + telepathic wizard who translates your vision with exquisite taste. The result: Jaw-dropping photos (wait a second, is that my recipe? No way Jose!) that turn fans into customers every time.

Luisa 1

Luisa Silva

Working with Marcela was a turning point in my business.  Having a consistent visual presence  that is aligned with who I am has allowed people to recognize me instantly because of my images. People are pulled to them like a magnet, they attract positive attention all the time,  and that is simply fantastic.


Enrico Tralles

Marcela is a gifted photographer. She makes you laugh at the right moment and sees something in you that you have not discovered yet. Every photo is like a glimpse into your own future and, above all, in your new marketing. It’s just awesome, I’m so happy.

Foto Rafael Carles

Rafael Carles

Marcela immediately understood our brand and our vision and was able to translate that into our photos. And every time we post her photos in social media, we increase our sales.

Last month, we even broke a sales record!


Zoe Hart

What makes Marcela’s services special is that they’re holistic. Right from the beginning of the project, she tried to get to know me and my business, to really understand my ideal customers and what direction I was trying to take my business in. Investment in this sort of detail upfront is not something I’ve experienced before.


Laura Fischer-Smith

My sales more than DOUBLED after I added Marcela’s photos to my website and have continued to climb from there!


Victoria Zamora-Durán

Marcela provides an unbelievable service because she doesn’t just shoot: she works with you to ensure that the photographs are styled and designed to reach the final costumer.

Her photographs are not just beautiful and elegant, they are also part of a marketing strategy.

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