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☐ Feeling deflated when you look at your brand photos…

☐ Taking portraits with your iPhone, and hoping a new filter will give you just the look you seek…

☐ Posting random images on social media that say nothing about you…

☐ And worse, saying one thing with your words and a different one with your photographs (yes, they make a statement about your brand too)…


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Marcela Macias

Photographer. Stylist. Visual strategist.

Hi, I’m Marcela.

I help entrepreneurs  and small businesses, like you, stand out & make more money with soulful and branded photos that make your ideal clients fall in love with your work.

As a photographer and stylist, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs from three different continents capturing the perfect images for their websites, ads and books, and I regularly travel all over Europe to photograph my client’s portraits, events and masterminds. My work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers and Whole Kitchen Magazine, among other cool places, and my images have been published in magazines and book covers.

I believe my  camera has the alchemical power of reflecting the true beauty and power of your work, and I look forward to helping you position yourself as an expert in your industry, reach your perfect fans, and create successful marketing campaigns.

Let me help you show your brand’s brilliance.


Marcela is a gifted photographer. She makes you laugh at the right moment and sees something in you that you have not discovered yet. Every photo is like a glimpse into your own future and, above all, in your new marketing. It’s just awesome, I’m so happy.

Enrico Tralles

Working with Marcela was a turning point in my business.  Having a consistent visual presence  that is aligned with who I am has allowed people to recognize me instantly because of my images. People are pulled to them like a magnet, they attract positive attention all the time,  and that is simply fantastic.

Luisa Silva

Marcela is the perfect combination of Fairy Godmother + BFF you wanna tea party with + telepathic wizard who translates your vision with exquisite taste. The result: Jaw-dropping photos (wait a second, is that my recipe? No way Jose!) that turn fans into customers every time.

Mayi Carles

i’m working on great things to come

I’m currently on hiatus for personal reasons, but working on great things to come.
I look forward to getting back behind the camera soon.
In the meantime, check-out my stock collection, where you  might find just what you need.

Want to interview me for a podcast, magazine or youtube show?
email me at marcela@marcelamacias.com. 

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Styled Stock Photography for Soulful Entrepreneurs


Not ready yet for a full custom photoshoot? I have a collection of non-stocky looking stock images created based on Branding Archetypes and designed with soulful entrepreneurs like you in mind. I’ve created them to help you make your visuals a reflection of who you are, of what you love, and what you bring to the table with your work.

Each collection comes with a full explanation of the symbols incorporated in each image, and the energy infused in each collection via intention, meditation and mantra.

Browse the collections below, let yourself be led towards  those that call your name., and listen to your intuition when selecting the photos that are right for you.

New archetypes and new collections will be added in the next months, so if you don’t find the right ones for you, worry not, they’re on their way.

Oh, and why alchemical? Because my wish is for your business to be transmuted into everything your wish it would be.

What makes Marcela’s services special is that they’re holistic. Right from the beginning of the project, she tried to get to know me and my business, to really understand my ideal customers and what direction I was trying to take my business in. Investment in this sort of detail upfront is not something I’ve experienced before.

Zoe Hart

Entrepreneur, The Little Pancake Company

My sales more than DOUBLED after I added Marcela’s photos to my website and have continued to climb from there!

Laura Fischer-Smith

Entrepreneur, I heart planners

Marcela provides an unbelievable service because she doesn’t just shoot: she works with you to ensure that the photographs are styled and designed to reach the final costumer.

Her photographs are not just beautiful and elegant, they are also part of a marketing strategy.

Victoria Zamora-Duran

Entrepreneur, Salud Pelvica

Marcela immediately understood our brand and our vision and was able to translate that into our photos. And every time we post her photos in social media, we increase our sales.

Last month, we even broke a sales record!

Rafael Carles

CEO, Life Blends

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As seen on


Do you?

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