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Hello there!

This blog is one month old today, so we’ll celebrate with a double post! In this one I’ll reveal the secret to my birthday’s flowery cupcakes and in the next one we’ll talk cake-pops.

The secret is…that there is no secret ūüėČ My flowery cupcakes were inspired by ¬†Glory Albin’s fabulous hydrangea cupcakes. I saw them in her blog, Glorious Treats, long ago, but the right occasion for making them never seemed to appear. Until my last birthday! And I will definitely be making them again.

My cupcakes were chocolate ones, as Glory’s, but I did not follow her recipe. I used, instead, one of the recipes that Bakerella shares in her book . ¬†This is a recipe my children LOVE, so if you have the book, I recommend it*. ¬† But if you don’t have the book, your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe will do. You could also try¬†this one or this one (which Bakerella says adapts very well to cupcakes, without the frosting), which are delicious as well.

For the frosting, I used regular vegan buttercream, from the same batch I used for frosting my birthday cake.

How did I make those flowers? With the help of my trustworthy friend, Wilton’s 2D tip:


I divided the frosting in two, coloured each batch, put both colours side by side in the piping bag and then I simply piped the flowers. In order to see a VERY clear tutorial on how to do it, including pictures, check Glory’s blog here. Actually you should go visit her blog anyway because her confections, dessert tables and crafting ideas are truly amazing!

So there you have it: the secret to beautiful and easy hydrangea cupcakes!

I’ll see you later today with a post on cake-pops! Have a nice morning!

Note: There is a Dutch and a Brazilian version of Bakerella’s book “Cake Pops”. So one in Spanish may be on its way too!

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