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Chocolate cookie heart wreath

Good afternoon dear friends! How are you today?

These past weeks I have been absent from the blog, and I apologize for that. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had been preparing two surprises for you. The first one, was the dessert table for Chinese New Year, and here is the second one: A tutorial for making the chocolate cookie heart wreath pictured above, which I designed for Catch my Party!

When my Christmas breakfast table was featured as Catch my Party’s Party of the Day, Jillian mentioned that she was going to pin the holly wreath to make it next year and I offered to prepare a tutorial for her. She loved the idea and suggested, instead, a cookie wreath for Valentine’s day! So  I set myself to work!

If you would like to know how to do this, including how to decorate each type of cookie, hop over to Catch my Party!

I will show you how to decorate tons of cookies…

image01 hearts and milk to put together a wreath like this one:

Chocolate cookie heart wreath

or like this other one…

image 11 another option

…how to draw hearts with royal icing…



…how to outline with sprinkles…


…and how to outline with sanding sugar.


And if you have remaining cookies after assembling the wreath, you can enjoy them with milk…

image0 Table setting

Or even prepare cute Valentine’s day presents for your loved ones!

Another gift option, with remaining cookies

I have also included templates of the cookies I used, so go to Catch my Party now and happy baking!

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