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Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a very easy DIY for making  food labels for a party.  Why add food labels at all? Well, in my opinion adding printables  in general (food labels, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, etc) helps give a table a more polished look. These ones that I will show you how to do today  are super easy and fun to make, and can be tailored to many celebrations.

A few weeks before my birthday I had ordered The Twinery’s Sample Pack which contains 8 gorgeous, vibrant colors of baker’s twine. When I ordered them I had in mind a craft I am planning for my kids’ birthday, but when I saw the colors Caribbean and lilac, I wanted to include them in my own birthday celebration as well.

I browsed the internet and went to my local craft store for inspiration and decided to design very simple food labels, to which I could add the twine. So, using only Microsoft Publisher (I’m not confident in Corel, Photoshop or any other design software) and inspired by my blog’s logo, I designed a very simple aqua, lavender and grey bounty flag and wrote the names of the food I was planning to serve in French Script. Designing the flag was simply a matter of making a row of triangles, adjusting their size and filling them with colors. Easy enough for me! I then printed the labels on pale ivory textured cardboard paper (It took me only an A4 size page) and got ready to embellish them!

This is what I used to do it:


– 1 glue pen

– Baker’s twine in Caribbean (As I previously said, I purchased mine from The Twinery, and I am mentioning this because not all shops ship their products to Europe, and because I am very satisfied with how fast the pack arrived and with how beautiful the colors are.*)

– A pair of scissors

– Scrapbooking gems

– Tweezers

– Food labels


And here is what I did:

1) I put a dot of glue on the left hand corner of the food label’s bounty flag


2) Using tweezers, I added the scrapbooking gem, and pressed for a few seconds in order to make sure it had adhered properly.


This is how it looked like when added:


3) I then repeated steps 1 and 2 on the other corner. The label was looking like this by then:


3) I drew a line of glue all along the upper part of the bounty flag


5) After that, I immediately attached the twine. I tried both Caribbean and lilac and preferred the former for these cards, but both colors are gorgeous.


6) I pressed the twine unto the card for a few seconds and, when I was confident that it was properly attached, I cut the excess from the border, just above the gem located on the right-hand corner. This is how the label looked by then:


6) I finally folded the label just above the upper portion of the flag and it was finished!


This is how they looked in daylight


I find them simple, yet girlie and pretty,  and I believe the design to be versatile. One could use the same idea for a circus/parade party, for a 4th of July celebration, etc, by simply changing the flag’s colours and the twine used and avoiding the use of gems.

Have you ever handcrafted your own food labels/invitations or other printables using different materials? If you have, please share! I would love to see what you have done!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week with more recipes and ideas!

* NOTE: I receive no compensation of any kind for the recommendations I make in this blog. I simply mention what works for me, and provide the corresponding links so that readers have all necessary information. If you purchase something I recommend by clicking on the amazon widget, I will get a commission within their sales’s associate program, but you are free not to do it that way. My only aim is to provide my readers with accurate information on what products I find good and reliable.

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