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Good morning dear friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

In this post, I will show you in greater detail the decorations we made for Luka and Zoe’s party. The mood for the whole party was set by the beautiful printables designed by my dear friend Laura, from Delicious Tea. I talked to you about her in this previous post and I shared with you some free printables designed by her in this other post, but there really are no words to describe her incredible talent. If you don’t know her work yet, and you enjoy all things pretty, go take a look at her website and her facebook page. Go now, I’ll wait here!

Back in February, we started discussing the concept and colors for the party, and Laura came up with those cute little pencils that appear in all the party printables. She designed the invitation, a beautiful “happy birthday” banner, 5 different cupcake toppers (shown above), circles to add to the popcorn cones…

 …fancy food labels, which were left blank because I wanted some room for changing my mind regarding what I was going to serve…

 …beautiful paper glasses, to which I added yellow and white stripped paper straws…

 …jar labels, which I added to the candy jars ( which were in fact not candy jars at all, but flower vases)…

…a welcome sign, which we framed and placed on one of the tables…

…drink labels (for lemonade, water, and orange juice), which I attached with twine (in Lemondrop by the Twinery)…

…And 3 different souvenir tags, to close the clear bags where I placed a sugar cookie decorated with royal icing in the colors of the party. The souvenir cookie is shaped as a splash of paint, and came in two sizes with an Ikea cookie cutter set!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the souvenirs were placed on three styrofoam boards, which were covered in papers in orange, yellow and green, and which were  used as a backdrop for the main dessert table.

Laura, who is from Buenos Aires,  sent all printables to Cyprus back in April, and those printables came back to Argentina with me when the plans for the party changed.

Once in Cordoba, I crafted with my family the rest of the decorations: a piñata, and paper streamers. We hanged three lines of fishing thread over the backyard and we hanged the piñata and streamers from them, so they looked like they were floating in the sky.

I made the piñata using a regular paper lantern, and I attached to it  2 inch (5 cms) punched cardboard circles in orange, yellow and green, with the help of a glue gun and lots of patience. The streamers were made out of vellum paper using this tutorial from Oh happy day (one of my very favorite blogs). They are really easy to make and lthey look very nice!

Finally, we  bought boxes made from corrugated cardboard in green, orange and yellow so that guests could take home a piece of cake to enjoy with breakfast the following day.

Yes, that is me in the picture above, cutting the cakes.

In the next post I will show you all activities we did with the children!

Have a lovely weekend!

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