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Today my babies turned 3 years old. They are not babies any more.

I cannot  believe it is already three years since the day they were born, tiny, at 34.5 weeks gestation, on a hot  Cypriot summer afternoon, by emergency c-section. I cannot believe three full years have passed since the first time I saw their faces. I almost cannot believe that they no longer sleep in the same crib like they used to, that they no longer look like this:

On the day they were born, I went to the gynecologist for a scheduled checkup. I was having them twice a week by then,  and I had been on full bed rest for fifteen days already. We were two weeks away from the date of a scheduled c-section, but the doctor decided to leave me hospitalized that day, in order to monitor me closely. That afternoon, during a regular fetal monitoring, I started having contractions, and, after checking, the doctor realized I was already dilated. 30 minutes after that, I entered the operation room. 10 minutes after that, Zoe was born and Luka followed her 3 minutes after.

I remember their crying , their faces, their little hands, as if it had just happened, and I suppose I always will. Zoe came out screaming her lungs out and kept kicking the paediatrician with all the strength of her 2.180 grs. She was so full of force that at some point the doctor looked at me and said: “Well, I guess she doesn’t need breathing assistance” and everybody started laughing. Luka came out with a frown, as if he had been disturbed in the quietness of the womb by all the fuzz.

The doctors checked them, wrapped them in the same paper protector they had checked them on, and brought them to me for a quick kiss before taking them to the neonatology unit. I remember thinking that I had woken up that day as a pregnant woman for the last time, and that I was going to bed as a mother.

Luka and Zoe grew under our eyes fast and beautifully: One day they were barely moving, the next one they were crawling and little after that they were walking, even running.One day they were breastfed, the next one they were eating solids with their own fork and spoon (we are still working on choosing fork over finger, but I know that will come). One day they were in their cribs and the next one we were turning those same cribs into beds.

Ok, it was not that fast. But it feels like that today.

Two years ago, they looked like this:


Today, they are lively toddlers who sing, run, play, dance,  and have started speaking.

Feliz cumpleaños, amores de mi vida. Happy birthday, loves of my life.

May your life be always full of  love,  laughter, joy, and happy memories. Thank you for making my life happier than I ever thought it would be.

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