Enter the magical world of archetypes, and borrow their power to help you grow your business

archetypes are everywhere

They’re in the movies we watch, the books that fascinates us, the leaders we follow and those from whom we learn.

Archetypes in imagery are about aligning your brand’s  mission, communication and values with your visuals.

Aligning to your right clients, who need to recognize YOU in your photos in order to trust you.

Aligning to the soul of your business. Aligning to your purpose.

I’ve created these images, based on branding archetypes, to help you make your visuals a reflection of who you are, of what you love, and what you bring to the table with your work.

Browse the collections below, let yourself be led towards  those that call your name.  Explore the energy and symbolism of each collection. And listen to your intuition when selecting the photos that are right for you.

New archetypes and new collections will be added in the next months, so if you don’t find the right ones for you, worry not, they’re on their way.

Oh, and why alchemical? Because my wish is for your business to be transformed into everything your wish it would be.


Click below, and be transported


Marcela is the perfect combination of Fairy Godmother + BFF you wanna tea party with + telepathic wizard who translates your vision with exquisite taste. The result: Jaw-dropping photos (wait a second, is that my recipe? No way Jose!) that turn fans into customers every time.

Mayi Carles


I’m very happy with how the photos have impacted my positioning, and with being able to use them for magazine features and my upcoming book cover.

Marcela’s love and care is transported right into every photo she takes.

Andrea Hiltbrunner

CEO, Coach, Artist, ,

Working with Marcela was a turning point in my business.  Having a consistent visual presence  that is aligned with who I am has allowed people to recognize me instantly because of my images. People are pulled to them like a magnet, they attract positive attention all the time,  and that is simply fantastic.

Luisa Silva

Astrologer, Feng Shui Expert,

My sales more than DOUBLED after I added Marcela’s photos to my website and have continued to climb from there!

Laura Fischer-Smith

CEO, I Heart Planners


Enter the magical world of Archetypes with a 5 minute quiz to find yours and learn how to unleash its power

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