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Cypriot Nature Artist Haroulla Vrachas (whose name means “joy” in Greek) contacted me in 2014 because she needed photographs for her new website. She was looking for new portraits, as well as photos of her paintings that she could share in her shop. She was also interested in having photographs of her studio, to help tell the story of her brand to her fans and clients.

Haroulla’s love of nature and art was born during her childhood years in Zimbabwe. After she relocated to Cyprus, she continued to paint, inspired by the island’s flora and fauna.  Her detailed artwork is fueled by her memories and feelings, and inspired by her desire to help people “go back to simpler times, when childhood meant playing in lush gardens, chasing colorful butterflies, and exploring the beauty of nature”.

Art Joyeux, Marcela Macias Photography, Nicosia, Cyprus

We shot Haroulla’s photos on a sunny December morning, after months of preparation.

The main objective was to transmit an idea of connection to nature, freshness, and tranquility. We wanted all photographs to express the joy Haroulla feels when she paints, and to showcase her sweet, gentle personality, that permeates her art.

Her portraits were taken in a Kikkos Gardens, in Nicosia, and the rest of the photographs were shot in her home studio.

We photographed her working space, her materials, and herself at work. And we took advantage of the opportunity to shoot a short backstage video, which I later edited and musicalized, so that she could add to her promotional material.

Finally, I shot her artwork in my own photo studio, with only natural light.

All photos were fully edited, and delivered via web to Haroulla herself and her web designer a couple of weeks after the photoshoot.

Art Joyeux, Marcela Macias, Marcela Macias Photography, Branding Photography, Cyprus
Art Joyeux, Marcela Macias, Marcela Macias Photography, Branding Photography, Cyprus



Services Provided

  • Guidance and assistance
  • Art Direction
  • Product and Prop Styling
  • Photography
  • Post production
  • Videography

Photos & Usage

  • 60 exclusive portrait, studio and product photographs, used in the artists’s website, her shop, social media as well as on marketing and promotion activities.

The Results

  • A cohesive and personalized visual presence, adapted’s to Haroulla’s message, and style.
Art Joyeux


Haroulla 91

Haroulla Vrachas-Charalambous

Artist, Art Joyeux

Marcela doesn’t only provide beautiful photographs: she also provides an amazing service.

I was amazed at how smooth everything went during the day of the shot, and at how personalized her services are. She provided me SO much assistance to help me figure out what I wanted to transmit with my photos.  Marcela is trustworthy, extremely helpful, smart, organized, easy to work with, and professional in every way from start to finish.

Everyone who saw the photos was very impressed by how beautiful they were and how well they integrated with my personality and my whole website. I even made my first sale within a few hours of launching my site!


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