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How I got started in business {podcast interview in Spanish}

by Oct 22, 2015About, Blog 2, Business2 comments


I got started in business by accident.

I guess we could say that I put a wish out there, to the Universe, and the Universe delivered it to my complete and utter surprise, and before I was ready.

I’ve always found that the best things in life happen when we embrace the unexpected, and leap, so I leaped, without much idea of what I was doing, and these first two years as a photographer have been exciting, exhilarating, and a huge, huge learning process at every possible level.

I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve cried. I’ve celebrated. I’ve been confused and I’ve learnt to ask for help.

I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I’m forever thankful that I leaped. 

This is why I was so happy when super blogger Ximena de la Serna contacted me for an interview in her podcast in Spanish, Asalto Emprendedora, to talk about the lessons I learned and what I would like to transmit to someone considering the possibility of getting started as an entrepreneur, going from dream to reality,  and leaping- as I did.

In this interview I talk about my most honest truth. What came easy, what was hard, what issues I had to overcome and how I did it (hint: it all goes down to mindset!). My best tips, my best resources: I share it all.


Click on the button to listen to the podcast (in Spanish)  to learn:

  • How I got started in business
  • How and where I found my first clients
  • How to overcome the “I’m a fraud” syndrome
  • How to raise your prices without freaking out.
  • How to know what will sell and what won’t
  • The secret formula to get a client
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition (hint: there’s no competition)
  • The most important thing you 100% have to take care about when you’re getting started in business.

After you listen, come back and let me know: What’s stopping you from starting a business and how can I help you leap?

May you have the most beautiful day.

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