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Good evening dear friends!

Oh my, how I have missed you! I never intended to take such a long break, but life took over and last December (including all of us getting sick at the same time!) between work + homeschooling and getting the new website ready I hardly slept!

But now, the new website is finally ready I’m so eager for you to see all the big changes! Because this time, though not immediately apparent, the changes are not only cosmetic.

Do you remember how this blog started? Do you remember the old logo I had designed myself the best I could following an online tutorial? Do you remember the blue and white polkadot background? Here’s a pic to make you travel back in time, to those days of May 2011.

The first recipe I posted was one of cupcakes made out of failed swiss meringue buttercream, and the first party, my very own 35th birthday. And so I blogged for a year about my life, my cooking and my children. And then, just a few days after the blog’s 1st birthday, the blog got a drastic face-lift by the super talented Jessica Sims. After hundreds of emails and months of work we changed colors, fonts and layout, we categorized posts and made the blog more user friendly.

And now, over 18 months from that day, it’s time for a new change. And a bigger one at that.

Because The Celebration Girl hasn’t only changed fonts, categories and background colors. No.

From today, this blog starts to be a part of something bigger: a new career path. A career built around what I love doing, what I have long wanted to do, and what I believe.


Will you join me in this new adventure?

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