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Good morning dear friends!

We are now back in Cyprus,  after 1 wonderful day in Athens (Greece) and 10 fantastic days visiting my husband’s family in Belgrade (Serbia).  I am currently in full photo editing mode, so I will start posting about our trip very soon, but, in the meantime, and while I get all that and a few other personal things finished, I thought I could share with you a list of my very favorite blogs and sources of inspiration from around the web.

I have been following some of these blogs for a few years , while some others are fairly new in my feeder. They all feel to me  like old friends, I love them and read them all frequently and I hope that you will love them too.

So here they are, with a little explanation of the reasons why I love them. Go ahead, read on, pay them a visit and get inspired!

A quick list of my favorite blogs:


I- Favorite blogs on food and baking- the ones that make me want to run to the kitchen and that have inspired to learn new things

Call me cupcake: Linda writes, from Sweden, one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world. Yes, I like it that much. I have tried several of her recipes and they are all delicious and turn out perfect. Her macarons are easy to do and to die for. Her chocolate espresso cupcakes are heavenly. And don’t get me started on her photography or the fact that she also plays in a band called “Death in the Afternoon” (you can hear their music in her videos).  A wonderful blog from a multi-talented lady.

Sweetapolita: Rosie writes from Canada and her blog is sweet as cotton candy. If you need cake inspiration, this is one of the best places to go for it.

Tartelette: The first food blog I read and the reason I fell in love with food photography. Hélène’s styles food to perfection, and her photography makes me dream of quiet meals with friends,  grandma’s cooking and family gatherings. She cooks gluten free and her book, Plate to Pixel is my food photography bible.

Cannelle et Vanille : I started visiting Aran’s blog for her photography, in the late nights of 2008, when I was unable to fall back asleep after breastfeeding Luka and Zoe. I would spend hours browsing her beautiful pictures, where I was always struck by her incredible use of light, the sweet colors and styling of her photos and the warmth of her words.  Aran’s book, Small Plates and Sweet Treats, published last year, is the most beautiful one I own. Every page is delightful.

Brave Tart  Stella demystified macaron baking for me, and made me believe that I, too, could make some! That alone is a reason to love her, don’t you agree? But that’s not all: I also bought a kitchen scale and an oven thermometer because of her recommendations and I am forever grateful I did. I dream of going to Kentucky to taste her desserts but, until I am able to, I will have to continue making them at home. Look at these blueberry violet tarts with a white chocolate yuzu crust for a perfect example of her talent. She has a book coming soon, and I can’t wait to get it!

Glorious Treats A wonderful blog, with perfect, fool proof recipes and detailed instructions for decorating cookies with royal icing.

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle: OMG her cookies. That’s all I will say. You have to go and see for yourself!

II- Food blogs where the words are as yummy as the recipes in them

Tea and Cookies: Tea writes so beautifully, there’s so much heart put into each word that, after reading her posts, I find myself thinking about them for hours. This blog post is just an example of what I mean.

Not without SaltGorgeous pictures, beautiful writing and an inspiring series called “Dating my husband”

David Lebovitz: David is a professional American pastry chef who lives in Paris. His recipes are incredibly good, and his writing is funny and entertaining. He also organizes gastronomic tours in different cities in Europe, which I would love to take one day.

The wednesday chef: I started reading this blog after Tea reviewed Luisa’s book My Berlin Kitchen. Tea linked to THIS POST and I loved it so much that I kept reading one blog post after another. I didn’t get the book yet but, hey, my birthday is next week, so maybe I will soon 😉

III-  Favorite blogs on healthy eating 

My new roots I love Sarah Britton because she professes her love for whole food (which I share), without being judgy or fundamentalist about it. Her recipes are delicious and she has inspired me to try new ingredients and taught me how to cook certain others that I had barely noticed in the supermarket aisles before.

Gourmande in the Kitchen :  Oh the pictures of this blog! 

My darling Lemon Thyme: A beautiful blog with gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian recipes that are as delicious as they look in Emma’s pictures. The blog has a garden section that has inspired me to grow crops in pots this Summer  (a post on that is coming soon!)

IV- Favorite blogs on design, crafts, parties and all things pretty

Going Home to Roost: Pretty, pretty, pretty. And girlie. And sweet. And inspiring. Those are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think about Bonnie’s blog. Read it to get recipes,  inspiration, craft projects, gardening and biz advice, and ideas  on simple living.

Decor8A classic, an amazing source of daily inspiration.

Camille Styles Camille is so stylish, that her blog is a real feast for the eyes. I particularly love her table settings, just gorgeous.

Damask love: I started following Amber after she guest posted for the TomKat studio, but I fell in love with her when she organized the fundraiser for the children of Newtown. Pretty crafts, beautiful cards, lovely, lively writing. You will love it.

Oh happy day :One of the most creative blogs out there. If you don’t follow it already, go do it now! The DIY projects are super doable and her zig zag streamers are now a staple in my children’s parties

Griottes: This blog is so pretty there are no words to describe it. You have to see it for yourself (in French).

 V- Favorite blogs on parenting, children and play time.

Modern Parents Messy Kids: My go-to blog for all things children and organizing. Incredible source of inspiration, down to earth writing and tons of practical ideas.

Foodlets The tag “Mini foodies in the making…maybe”says it all, doesn’t it? A mother striving to get their children to eat a varied and healthy diet. I can totally identify with that!

All the blogs in this pinterest board are definitely worth following.

There you have them, my favorite food, crafts and parenting blogs! I hope you  will like them as much as I do!

What are your favorite blogs, the ones whose posts you never miss? Please, share the list in the comments below!

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