WOOPS Are you lost?

helado de caramelo 61


This content is missing- and now even the caramel ice cream is melting!

Don’t you hate those days ?!


But don’t worry, my dear.  Let me show you around, so that you can find what you were looking for.  

Marcela Circlev1

Hi, I’m Marcela.

The photographer and blogger that owns and runs this website.

I specialize in food and product photography for visionary brands who are on a mission to make the world a better place- and are not afraid to make money while doing it.

I provide my clients with powerful styled photos that tell a story and speak straight to the heart of their customers, generating fans and increasing sales.

And right now, I am also your hostess and your guide.

So let’s see, where did you want to go?

Were you looking for a way to work with me?

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Or perhaps you wanted to check my portfolio?

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