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LONDON PHOTOSHOOTS - Marcela Macias Photography


Branding, Portrait & Lifestyle Photography


June 13 & 17 2018



Are you ready to get images that make you smile just to look at them?

Are you ready to get photos tailored to your brand and  made especially to connect with your ideal clients?

Are you ready for a Photoshoot in London that feels easy, exciting and fun?

imagine this…


☐ Having a collection of images expertly designed to fit your business and your voice, and shot in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

☐ Being so proud of your visual presence that you can’t wait to promote the heck out of your business…facebook ads, you say? bring them on!

☐ Waking up in the morning knowing you won’t have to stress ever again about finding the perfect portrait to send to that magazine that wants to interview you. Fighting with filters  and settings in your iPhone photo apps, be gone!

☐ Increasing  your engagement in social media (hello Instagram!), and building buzz about your brand with ease, and with guidance from an expert to create the look and feel that is right for YOU…





Having branding images that look and feel like you can catapult your business. Looking like a professional in everything you do can set you apart and get you noticed.

As a photographer, I understand that you pour your heart and soul into everything you create. This is why, when I shoot, I take the essence of your brand, your story, your goals, and turn every bit of brilliance you’ve created into photographs and video that highlight all the sparkle you’ve put into your work.

Marcela is a gifted photographer. She makes you laugh at the right moment and sees something in you that you have not discovered yet. Every photo is like a glimpse into your own future and, above all, in your new marketing. It’s just awesome, I’m so happy.

Enrico Tralles

Step by Step Marketing

This woman is a GODDESS . Marcela made me sparkle in the rain in Covent Garden, aligned my branding archetype with my new look and even made me seem younger. Thank you so much Marcela!

Anne Lane

Naturopathic Practitioner , Conscious Preconception

Marcela’s love and care is transported into every photo she takes.

Andrea Hiltbrunner



This June, I’m traveling to London to photograph a select group of  driven, heart-centered & soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in visuals that are archetypally aligned,  highly customized, beautiful, authentic, strategic and effective to propel their business success.

Everything in these packages has been conceived with the needs of small businesses in mind: from planning your images according to the platforms you’ll use them in and making sure to leave space to add text in them,  to taking the time to understand your ideal clients and what they are looking for, all your images will be designed to make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

Whether this is your first Photoshoot or your fourth, all packages in SHINE IN LONDON are designed to provide you with the perfect images and videos to promote your work with a bang, magnetize your ideal customers, and skyrocket your visibility.


Ready to invest in images that help you grow your business? Take a look at my London Specials below..

Doing a photoshoot for my business was, well, intimidating. I was nervous, but working with Marcela made it all better.

I loved the fact that she and I worked together BEFORE the photo shoot. She got to know me and my business. She got to know my personality. We talked about the types of shots I might need… and she had so many suggestions because I wasn’t really sure.

We talked about props in advance. Yes, props. They had not even crossed my mind, but having props made a huge difference.

By the time the day of the shoot came it was all so easy. I was prepared, I knew what to expect. And, Marcela is just plain fun. We had a really great day. I felt like I had been hanging out with a friend (who happened to take really great images).

Also, after the shoot it wasn’t just ‘over’. Marcela and I continued to work together on the shots and editing.

Lastly I would say the tutorials that Marcela provided on HOW to use my images and HOW to use them creatively, to get the most out of them, was total icing on the cake. I have worked through her tutorials several times and I am getting miles and miles out of each image.

Marcela is more than a photographer, she’s a bit of a whisperer. She gets into the ‘real personality’ of you and your brand and she brings this out in images.

If you have an opportunity to work with Marcela I would encourage you to do so. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Colleen Kochannek

Founder, The Scrappy Frontier


AVAILABLE DATES: JUNE 12, 13 & 17 2019 Other cities and dates available upon request.

Simply beautiful. Perfect. Stunning.Pure. I found something completely new about me in your pictures… On many of them I look soft, vulnerable, tender and kind of inquiring; an openness and softness which I like very much. There are definitely some new or hidden aspects of myself shining through. My heart is full of joy!

Svetlana Lieber

Artist & Mentor, Svetlana Lieber

You’re the greatest photographer I ever met. Thank you for your great job, done with love and sensitivity. You’re an artitst.

Melanie Thormann

Coach, Fitura.de

Marcela is a wonderful photographer to work with. Like most people, I don’t like being in front of the camera but she makes it really fun and chilled out. The best part is, she’s like a psychic. She knows exactly what’s missing in your business before you do and I LOVE this about her! No more worrying about which photos to use on social media. It becomes simple and stress-free. Just what I need as a busy mother of two. ⠀

I can’t wait until our next shoot together, because I’m always mind-blown when I receive my photos

Haroulla Vrachas

Artist, Art Joyeux

My best gift for myself was a photoshoot with Marcela. I wanted to hide at first, and showing my true self was difficult in the beginning but she was there for me. Thank you for this valuable experience to show myself in the world as I really am. It was like an initiation.

Petra Schrentewein

Shaman, Petra Schrentewein

Working with Marcela was a turning point in my business. Having a consistent visual presence that is aligned with who I am has allowed people to recognize me instantly because of my images. People are pulled to them like a magnet, they attract positive attention all the time, and that is simply fantastic

Luisa Silva

Astrologer, Feng Shui Expert, Luisa Bazi

When I saw the photos and video clips Marcela shot of me in Paris, I finally understood what it is to be looked at, and witnessed with love. They were transformative.

Jasmin Schoch

Coach, www.jasminschoch.com



Absolutely! Great idea! 

Complementing your set of images with one  professionally edited video, with custom-made footage  and custom intro with motion graphics  can completely catapult you reach and maximize your results. And this is what I want for you: absolute success, a thriving business, and the possibility to shine your talents brightly.

Simply book a meeting so we can discuss what you’re looking for and I’ll create a custom quote for you.  


Want to know a secret? Most of my clients are introverts, and I’m one myself, so I’ve specialized in making naturally camera- averse people feel comfortable, confident and (above all) joyful when photographing with me. 

I have a bag full of tricks to help you relax, have fun, and shine in every image. So yes, I can help. 


Great question.


For full day and Half day photoshoots, the fees include the services of a wonderful makeup artist who will be with us during the whole duration of the shoot, and will also take care of your hair.

That being said, branding photos are about showing the world who YOU are. If you don’t like makeup and don’t wear any, there’s no need for you to do so for a photoshoot.  Many of my clients prefer not to use any, and if this is you, feel free to tell me so. YOU are in control. 

Please know that you can shine and look your best just as you are right now. Yes, I’m serious, as you are right now. With jeans and a white t-shirt. Or your pajamas (hey, I work from home too, no judgement!). With zero makeup and a ponytail.

You know what makes you shine in photos? Love and Passion for what you do. And I’m really good at making you connect to those energies during the shoot. 

So hair and makeup? My advice is this: Do it if you find it fun, if it makes you light-up, if it feels joyful (and hey, it’s included!).  If you don’t find it fun, feel free not to use any. 

And know this: You are perfect as you are. And you don’t need makeup to sparkle.


Yes, for full day packages, we can travel short distances, to cities or places within 60 minutes by train of the city.

I am also available for shorter travel for half day packages (up to 30 minutes from Amsterdam). 

Just let me know what your dream photoshoot includes and we’ll make it happen!


Yes, all my images include light editing in photoshop (brightness, color, contrast, etc).

Extensive photoshop work (such as composites) is not included.


My whole process is designed to make sure that you do.

This is why I take great time and care planning and designing how my client’s photos will look- a process of which you’ll be an active participant.This is also why, once the shooting is finalized, I am available to work with you for adapting the shots to your liking in post-processing.


No. My fees don’t include travel outside of London (in case you want to shoot in multiple locations, such as Oxford, Stonehenge, etc), nor do they include entrance fees to other places where you may want to shoot (such as museums, botanical gardens, etc).


When you work with me I’ll give you a license to use your photos in your shop, website, social media and in print (branding collateral, ebooks, book covers, etc) worldwide and in perpetuity.

There are three important limitations: 1) I retain copyright, so you can’t make the photo pass as your own, 2) The license is limited to you and your own business. This means that you can’t sell it, transfer it or sub-license it.

If your business has a multi-level marketing structure or you license the use of your products for other professionals to use your method, and you want to provide photos for them as part of the package, please let me know so I can quote a multiple license option that covers your licensees as well.


Yes, I do.

To begin with, when you work with me you get a contract where all aspects of our working together will be detailed…because we’re all smart cookies and understand that the Law is awesome…right?

But since you can’t read all 7 pages of my beautifully detailed contract, here’s the short of it : If you don’t like your images, I’ll reimburse you the money. 

Yes, that’s how much I believe in my work and how much I value your investment and your time.

Marcela is the perfect combination of Fairy Godmother + BFF you wanna tea party with + telepathic wizard who translates your vision with exquisite taste. The result: Jaw-dropping photos that turn fans into customers every time.

Mayi Carles

Entrepreneur, Author, Artist, www.mayicarles.com

The photo shooting with Marcela was an energetic, intense and fun experience.Her approach is different, it is holistic. That was highly important for me as I don’t like being photographed too much. With her it was easy-going and really enjoyable.
I loved to work with Marcela from the start : as she dived deep into my personality (and gave me the chance to meet the future me in the personality tests), as she kind of felt the work situation I am in, she felt my clients and their expectations and as she brought all this wisdom into the session. The time with Marcela flew. Exchanging ideas and learning from her experiences was enjoyable. I also learned to see Frankfurt from a different angle! 
Last but not least: The edited photos come fast, and she even helped me long after our shooting to get my book cover into the pictures.
Marcela, Many thanks for your enthusiasm and brilliant eye!
Daniela Fehring

Consultant, Author, https://danielafehring.com/


Marcela Macias Photography

Marcela Macias

Photography, Video & Styling

Hi, I’m Marcela, an Argentinian-born, Cyprus-based photographer and stylist with experience photographing lifestyle, portraits, food & products for books, ads and web for companies worldwide.

I believe my camera has the alchemical power of reflecting the true beauty and power of what my clients do,  and I’m passionate about helping position my clients as experts in their industry, gain more fans and develop successful marketing campaigns.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs, like you, stand out and shine their light with soulful and strategic photos that make people fall in love with their brands.


Book your free call so we can start planning your perfect photos

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