The Ruler

You are a Ruler Brand.

You are also known as The Sovereign, The Judge, The Patriarch, The C.E.O.

You are good at being in control and managing people. You are born to lead.

You inspire people to become leaders themselves, enjoying the best life has to offer, while maintaining their values.

Your brand helps people become wealthy, powerful, prestigious and recognized as authorities in their fields.

Your Clients CRAVE…

-Stability, and clear rules.

-Power: both over others and over themselves

-Prestige & Authority: They want to be leaders.

-Wealth & Success

You’re amazing at…

-Providing stable, reliable, timeless environments

– Helping others become and feel succesful, powerful and in control

-Leading & showing others how to lead

-Helping others make money

ruler 1web

Your photos should…

– Show success and wealth (whatever success means for YOU).

РShow products and objects that relate to organization &  responsibility (eg planners).

– Show the high quality of your products.

– Show the ideal life your products help achieve.

Your portraits should…

-Show how decisive, powerful  & responsible you are.

-Show you performing your work (the different things you accomplish in a day)

– Show you wearing clothes with classic lines.

– Show confidence in who you are and in your own power.

You should avoid…

– Making customers feel powerless.

-Micro managing clients or customers. Rulers like to decide and lead, not follow.

-Edgy advertising. Rulers prefer tradition and stability.

– Chaos and disorganisation


Andrea Hiltbrunner, Jennifer Kem, Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, DKNY.


The Ruler stock collection will be launched in October 2017.

If you’d like me to photograph a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a complimentary call where we can discuss your needs. 

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