The Outlaw

You are an OUTLAW Brand.


You are also known as The Maverick, The Rebel, The Activist, The Reformer.

Your  life mission is to change the way things are and help others do the same.

Like Kali-Ma, the creator-destroyer Goddess, you believe that it’s better to destroy what doesn’t work, and build something entirely new from scratch.

Your brand helps others effect radical change in their lives, and in the  world.

You value independent thinking, innovation & trend setting.

Your products and services provide a way for your clients to break rules and expectations about who they’re supposed to be, want and feel.


Your Clients crave…

-Change & disruption of the status quo

-Revolutionary, innovative products

-Connecting with, and expressing their wild side

You’re amazing at…

-Thinking outside the box

– Creating cutting edge products and services

Helping others connect to their wilderness & edge

outlaw 1web

Your photos should…

– Show props in dark colors

– Show shadows

– Shock & show an edge

– Stress what makes you and your products not only, different from the rest, but  nonconformists.

Your portraits should…

– Show you in untraditional places (no offices!)

– Show you wearing bold, intense and dark colors

-Play with light and shadow


You should avoid…


-Making your customers feel powerless, helpless and unable to effect change.

-Conformity, and anything too traditional. Outlaws break the rules- and are loved because of it.



Harley Davidson, Hard Candy Lipstick, Apple, MTV, Virgin.


The Outlaw stock collection will be launched in October 2017.

If you’d like me to create a collection that looks like you (and you alone),

click here to book a complimentary call where we can discuss your needs

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