The Magician

You are a Magician Brand


You’re also know as The Alchemist, the Visionary, the Shaman, the Priestess, the Innovator.

You are Merlin, Yoda, Gandalf, Galadriel, The Lady of the Lake, Hermione.

Your super power is the ability to dream big and do the inner work necessary to bring those dreams to fruition.

You are dynamic, influential, charismatic, intelligent, spiritual and curious.

You see the world as one, and seek to understand the powers of the Universe- and help others commune with them.

You believe in synchronicities, and miracles. When you’re at your best, you flow with the energies of the Universe, and are able to achieve whatever you desire.

You can see the patterns behind everything that happens, and are able to abstract yourself from the immediate, find solutions others can’t, and dream beyond what seems possible.

You’re a catalyst for change. Unlike the Outlaw, who seeks external change, you know that true transformation always starts within.

You care not just about what you do, but also about how you do it. You put special care in things others don’t notice: warm emails, beautiful packaging…you seek to anticipate your customers’ needs and delight them at every step- and your clients love you for it.

You brand promises magic: magical moments and enchanting solutions. You add pixie dust to everything you do. 

When things go wrong, you look within. You know that true magic starts in the heart and that consciousness precedes existence. 


Transformation & Transformative Experiences

Magical Moments


Products aligned to their values


Helping others transform from the inside out

Creating Enchanting moments

Infusing everything you create with soul

Helping others find their flow



Your photos should…

– Show transformation (eg: before  & after)

– Show magic & fantasy.

– Show your vision and your values.  For Magicians, who you are is as important as your products.

– Show how who you are makes your work special , the energy you bring to your work.

– Show how aligned are your values with what you do and create. .

Your portraits should…

–  Show who you truly are.

– Show some mistery (think: face behind flowers, soft focus, etc)

– Show some fantasy (think: glitter, sparklers, candles, smoke)



– Anything too unusual, edgy, shocking or extreme. Leave that to the Jesters and Outlaws. Magicians prefer congruence.

-Representing something you’re not. Magicians can detect falseness from a mile away and they will hate you for it.

Famous Magician Brands

Disney, Mastercard, Danielle Laporte.


(More Magician Collections to come soon!)

Browse the collections.

Let yourself be led towards  those that call your name.

Explore the energy and symbolism of each collection.

And listen to your intuition when selecting the photos that are right for you.

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