The Lover

You are a loveR Brand

You are also known as The Romantic, The Companion, The Hedonist, The Matchmaker,, The Connoisseur.

You believe a woman can be daring, powerful, independent, and sexy at the same time. 

Your brand encourages vulnerability and letting go of one’s defenses. You encourage others to open their heart to true intimacy, true connection, true enjoyment of life.

Your brand promises beauty, sensuality, indulgence, pampering and pleasure. You encourage people to enjoy their lives, and live passionately.

More important, your brand promises that everyone’s  true beauty lies within, and that everyone deserves to be loved for who they are.

Your Clients CRAVE…

– Feeling special, chosen, adored, beautiful

-Enjoying pleasurable experiences.

– Living a life they love and enjoy living.

-Following their bliss

You’re amazing at…

– Making your clients feel adored, and special.

– Helping others look and feel beautiful

– Creating and finding beauty in everything

– Showing others how to live according to their heart’s desires

lover 1weeb

Your photos should…

– Be subtle, playful, elegant.

– Show intimate surroundings.

-Emphasize the superior quality of your products and services.

-Appeal to all senses (eg: with close ups of materials, to evoque touch).

– Show the personal touch you add to your services (eg: portray delicately wrapped client gifts).

Your portraits should…

– Show you in beautiful environments

– Show you in welcoming, inviting poses.


You should avoid…

– Superficiality. Lovers crave deep connection and heart to heart communication.

– Generalization or mass production. Lovers want to feel unique, and adored, and buy highly customized products.

– Appearing cold and aloof. Lovers want to be greeted by their first name, receive special emails, etc. They want to be remembered.


Haagen Daz, Victoria’s Secret, Godiva, Barilla, Sophia Loren, Chanel.


The lover stock collection will be launched in September 2017.

If you’d like me to create a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a call so we can discuss your needs.

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