The Innocent

You are an Innocent Brand.


You are also known as The Muse, The Child, The Idealist, The Dreamer.

You inspire others by bringing light, purity, freedom, trust, honesty, wholesomeness and a renewed sense of wonder to everything you do.

You brand promises ease, and simplicity. Life and Business don’t need to be hard, is your motto. Things can go well.

Your strength is your trust in life and your faith that, whatever happens, everything will be alright.

You are able to see the positive in everything, and always stick to your values and operate with integrity.

You believe in going back to nature, natural living, wholesome foods.

As a brand, you promise safety and that, despite all that is wrong  in the World, people can still be happy and have the stress-free life they desire if they hire your services and buy your products.




Your Clients want…

-Peace, ease, naturalness, hope

-Products that stand the test of time

-Services that make their lives easier

– Honesty, authenticity & the possibility of new beginnings

-Impeccable customer service


You’re amazing at…

– Making others feel safe, certain and at peace

– Creating timeless, great quality products.

– Providing services in a stress-free way.

– Creating community around simple values

– Making your customers feel special


Your photos should…

– Paint the picture of the perfect life your products or services help achieve.

– Show child-like joy, cuteness and use child-like props (eg, bunny slippers).

– Show how your products help others simplify their lives or live happier.

– Be uncluttered, classic, simple and use lots of white space.

– Use soft colors in all props, such as pastels.

Your portraits should…

– Show you in idyllic landscapes and uncluttered spaces.

– Show you smiling and welcoming.

– Use soft focus, soft colors and blurry backgrounds.



– Negativity, not only in your website and visuals, but also on social media.

– Introducing  too many changes. Innocents like predictability, stability, brands that endure.

– Opting for a highly innovative look and feel: Innocent Brands are about predictability & stability, not innovation.

– Fast paced video clips. Innocent brands appeal to nostalgia, which are better represented with slow motion and softer looks.






Volkswagen Beetle, Mayi Carles, Real Simple Magazine, Ikea, Coca Cola


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