The Girl Next Door

You are a girl next door Brand.


You are also known as The Regular Gal, the Citizen,  The EveryMan, The Realist, the Advocate and The Networker.

You believe in solid traditional values, and community – and are great at fostering and promoting both in a simple, congenial way.

Your brand helps others connect, be accepted, and understand they’re ok as they are.

You create solid, reliable solutions for common problems, and you do so in a trustworthy, down to earth way.

You create products that work well, without the fuss, and create them with the common woman in mind.


Your Clients crave…

– True connection and belonging

-Realism, authenticity, down to earth attitudes and products.

– Laughing together with friends

– Acceptance

You’re amazing at…

– Creating a tribe around solid values

– Helping others fit in &  rooting for the underdog

– Making others feel that they’re worthy of being loved.

-Creating opportunities for people to connect, on or offline.

Your photos should…

– Show how practical your products are.

– Look wholesome and down to earth.


Your portraits should…

– Show you dressed in regular clothes (nothing too fancy).

–  Make you look approachable, and down to earth.

– Show you in normal life situations, being a normal person



-Elitism. The Girl Next door is a democratic archetype, anchored in the belief that we’re all the same.

– Hype and outrageous remarks about your products. Their appeal is in the ordinariness & reliability.  

FAMOUS girl next door BRANDS


Matt Damon, Wrangler Jeans, Wendy’s, VISA, Nivea.



The Girl Next Door stock collection will be launched  in September 2017.

If you’d like me to create a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a complementary call, so we can discuss your needs. 

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