The Explorer

You are an Explorer Brand.

You are also known as the Seeker, the Adventurer, the Pilgrim, the Pioneer, The Outsider.

You believe that traveling makes us whole and helps us find ourselves.

You love nature, especially mountains and forests, where you can find clarity.

Your brand promises freedom, possibility, exploration, and customization.

You brand understands the human need for individuality, freedom and differentiation.

Your brand helps others find their own voice in everything they do and be true to who they are.

Your Clients want…

-To be free, and do things differently

-Environmentally-friendly products and services

-Customization & the possibility to choose between several options


-To search, explore and discover

You’re amazing at…

-Helping others break free from a life they feel trapped in.

– Valuing individuality and helping people find their true voice & taste.

– Showing up authentically, and putting your values at the forefront

-Providing services quickly and efficiently

-Providing a customer experience of exploration and discovery.

explorer 1web 1

Your photos should…

-Show wide open spaces

– Show how your products and services help your clients learn about the world, explore new cultures, express their taste.

– Show you as you are (No over stylized hair or makeup, please)

– Show wood, natural colors, connection to nature.

Your portraits should…

– Show you living an explorer life: in the great outdoors.

– Show you wearing normal clothes.

– Show you alone in nature.



– Generic products. Explorers want to feel unique and want to show their taste in the choices they make.

– Faking it. Explorers value authenticity in everything.

– Images of offices, or portraits wearing office clothes, which would remind Explorers of the 9-5 they’re trying to escape from.



Starbucks, Star Trek, Folk Music, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Ford, Patagonia, Levi’s, Amazon, Anthropologie.


The Explorer stock collection will be launched in September 2017

If you’d like me to create a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a call so we can discuss your needs. 

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