The Creator

You are a CREATOR Brand


You are also known as The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The StoryTeller, The Visionary.

Your gifts are your imagination, your creativity, your innovative thinking, and your nonconformist nature.

You value curiosity, authenticity, freedom and play.

Your brand helps others express themselves, unapologetically, and bring to life what’s inside their hearts.

Your products help people connect to their creativity and feel empowered to create the lives they desire living.


Your Clients want…

-Innovation & creativity.


-Stability & Structure



You’re amazing at…

-Teaching others how to set their imagination free

-Creating products that stand the test of time

-Providing the necessary structures for your clients to create

-Helping your clients express their essence through your work

Your photos should…

-Show your creative materials

-Show backstage of your work

-Show your creative space.

-Show your creative tools

-Show what makes your products high quality

– Show special details.



Your portraits should…

– Show you in the act of creating.

– Show you in your creative space

– Show you wearing unconventional clothes







– Low Quality products or services.

– Ugliness. Creators value beauty and harmony.

-Chaos. Creator brands appeal to the sense of control & focus we get when creating.




Color me Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Post-It, Sesame Street, Crayola



The Creator stock collection will be launched in September 2017

If you’d like me to create a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a complimentary call to discuss your needs

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