The Caregiver

You are a Caregiver Brand.


You are also known as The Angel, The Guardian, The Healer, the Samaritan.

At the core of your brand, and everything you do, is your big heart and your desire to help others.

You are an altruist and are driven by your desire to support your client’s wellbeing.

Your brand provides safety, and reminds consumers of a mother’s love: always there for them.

Your Clients want…

-To be taken care of, guided and assisted

-Reliable products and services they can trust.

-Impeccable customer service


You’re amazing at…

-Nurturing others

– Communicating with empathy, trust and consistency.

-Anticipating customer’s needs and preferences.


Your photos should…

– Show that you understand your client’s

–  Portray stability

– Show  what makes your product high quality.

– Show attention to detail

-Portray those the caregiver cares for- and why you can help her do so better.

Your portraits should…

-Show softness, and kindness (eg: warm smile)




-Bad customer service. Caregivers want reliability and to feel their needs are always taken care of.

– Sloppiness. Caregivers value attention to detail

– Negativity and Agression. Caregivers value kindness.

– Showing or portraying caregivers are martyrs.





Blue Cross, AT&T, Campbell’s soup, Nordstrom, The Marriott



The Caregiver stock collection will be launched  in September 2017.

If you’d like me to create a custom collection for you (and you alone),

click here to book a call so we can discuss your needs. 

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