If you currently ARE…

• Posting random photos that say nothing about you…

• Filling your website and social media with visuals that attract the wrong customers (you know the ones)…

• Flipping a coin to select your images because you have absolutely no clue of what you should be considering…

• And worse, saying one thing with your words and a different one with your images (yes, they make a statement about your brand too)…

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

And the best part? IT’S NOT COMPLICATED

Marcela Macias, Marcela Macias Photography, Food Photographer, Cyprus

Marcela Macias

Photographer. Food + Product Stylist. Visual strategist.


Hi, I’m Marcela.

I help entrepreneurs  and small businesses stand out & make more money with soulful and strategic photos that make their ideal people fall in love with their brands.

As a photographer and stylist, with experience in photographing for cookbooks, ads and web,  I have worked alongside businesses and entrepreneurs from around the World to help them position themselves as experts in their industry, gain more fans and develop successful marketing campaigns.

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It’s not about elevating your brand,

it’s about showing its brilliance.

Marcela is the perfect combination of Fairy Godmother + BFF you wanna tea party with + telepathic wizard who translates your vision with exquisite taste. The result: Jaw-dropping photos (wait a second, is that my recipe? No way Jose!) that turn fans into customers every time.
MayI Carles

Artist. Author. Entrepreneur, Life is Messy Bootcamp, Life is Messy Kitchen

My sales more than DOUBLED after I added Marcela’s photos to my website and have continued to climb from there!

Laura Fischer-Smith

Entrepreneur, I heart planners

Marcela provides an unbelievable service because she doesn’t just shoot: she works with you to ensure that the photographs are styled and designed to reach the final costumer.

Her photographs are not just beautiful and elegant, they are also part of a marketing strategy.

Victoria Zamora-Duran

Entrepreneur, Salud Pelvica

Marcela immediately understood our brand and our vision and was able to translate that into our photos. And every time we post her photos in social media, we increase our sales.

Last month, we even broke a sales record!


Rafael Carles

CEO, Life Blends


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